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Doctor Freddy
Freddy is Swiss Italian born. Instead of crying when the doctor slapped his little behind, he belted out the C scale. All joking aside, Freddy started playing the accordian when he was just a young boy, until one day when the fascination with the guitar took him on his deciding path. He and his school buddies formed a band, "The Selections" where they got their first taste of success,
explored the rock/funk music of the times, and Freddy had his first experiences as front man. Freddy wasn't to be stopped, becoming a professional musician and dedicating his life to the 'biz of making music. His journey led him across countries and continents playing with top bands, in top clubs & resorts, accompanying top stars and entertaining top companies at top events..........He is a respected member of the guild and with his all around expertise and versatility, brings that goose bump feeling to every event....

Lorrie met Freddy in a Chicago Music club, which brought their paths together...Lorrie was born in America and has had many different life experiences in America and abroad. She has been singing for a few years now at the professional level. She and Freddy have a special energy between them that comes to fruit when they sing together. Lorrie has a special connection to the songs she presents, "The music that I love to sing is music that moves and grooves me." She also shares, "Using my voice to make someone forget their woes, bring a smile to someones face, and just knowing that I have moved someone in some way brings me the greatest gratitude."After seeing her perform, there's no doubt left that she and her music "comes from the soul"...

the rest of the family

It depends on what type of event "Talisman" is engaged to do...It may be that they would like the support of their close circle of musician colleagues...If their employers want a full size band with the works, they simply call their colleagues and make the event happen!!
Each and every one of their friends have their hearts, souls, and talent in the right place


for any booking questions or requests;
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