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This page honors the people and business'

we have grown to respect and appreciate.

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Maybe someone can help you with a project, problem, or with information!

lightingbyrudy.com Rudy can take your backyard and turn it into an oasis with special lighting, waterfalls, and foliage.  Absolutely beautiful


If you want to start a new hobby, make gifts for friends and loved ones, or just make your own custom jewelry, Katherine can get you started and guide you on your way. Don't know how, no matter, Katherine will teach you!  
Visit Katherine's Bead Boutique on the Historic Woodstock square!
Watch out, it can be addicting...

Gilman L. Sather
Certified Public Accountant

Gil will get it right

He takes the time and makes the effort to make sure you are taking all the write off's and getting all the credits due you for the most beneficial tax return...

202 East Calhoun, Woodstock Il

Dan Vincenzo
Electrician extraodinaire

special wiring for party rooms, outdoor oasis and more....Dan gets the concept and when the job's done, all you can say is "wow"!


Dr. Therese Porretta

Not only is she a great doctor, she's a wonderful person! go see her at:

Wal-Mart Vision Center - 1410 S. Randall Rd. in Algonquin


More to Come!