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We're so glad you're visiting our site...
We are "Talisman"
The band with more...

We come equipped with "European flair" if you will.
Through our years abroad, we have come to appreciate the Pop music scene in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Britain. We have  many from European artists in our program enabling us to offer you an abundant spectrum...

Press Releases summarize it like this :

"Their Energy is Infectious!"


We have had the honor of appearing in many of the renowned hotels, resorts and convention centers of Europe, and are establishing ourselves here in the Midwest. Our experiences have enriched our performance.

We have something for everyone:

from dinner music & easy listening to Rock 
from Blues to Jazz and Standards.
Pop to Swing, Country and Oldies.

...best of all, our songs always bring back a memory or two...

Upcoming events ?

Company parties
Night Clubs / Lounges
Balls / Galas / black tie events
New Years parties
Retirement parties                                                                              Jazz Brunches
Summer fests
Octoberfest style fests
Halloween parties
4th of July parties
Trade shows...

Any reason you can think of to celebrate, have a good time, shake a leg and hear good music...that's the place for "Talisman" !!!!

Listen up


for any booking questions or requests;
write us an E-mail !

We're looking forward to hearing from you